"I came here for the Waters"
About Us  
Owned and Operated by ASA Certified Instructor,                    Check Weather

Captain Bill Rathbun, Licensed USCG oupv
Member: American Sailing Association
Basic Keelboat, Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Charter, Certified
Forty-Five Year Veteran: Boating and Sailing

Captain Bill: has Masters Degrees in Industrial Design and Fine Arts. He has been working in product development since 1975 and has taught in the School of Design
at North Carolina State University and the East Carolina University School of Art.
Sailing is his passion. Indeed, he loves teaching others how to have fun on the water
while they learn the craft of proper seamanship, great sailing skills and safe boating

Carolina Mainsheet School of Sailing: is founded upon the believe that, "A bad day
of sailing is better than a good day of the office." The school adheres to the highest
professional standards set forth by the American Sailing Association, so you know
you're in the most capable hands when you get out on the water. While students come
from as far away as Charlotte, Atlanta, Norfolk and Richmond, the school is dedicated to
making the sport of Sailing accessible, affordable and convenient for landlocked enthusiasts
in the Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

Once you catch the sailing bug, you'll probably want a boat of your own. It doesn't
have to be big and certainly not expensive. After you've completed your first ASA
certification, Captain Bill will provide boat buyers assistance for you at no charge.
There are thousands of great boats out there at bargain prices. But "caveat emptor"
because there's plenty of disasters too. So when you're ready for your own boat,
just call. Carolina Mainsheet and Captain Bill will help you find the right sailboat for you.

You can find Carolina Mainsheet at two great locations, in the Triangle on Jordan Lake,
and in New Bern on the Neuse River.

Come on. It's time for fun. Let's get started.

Let's go sailing! 

Carolina Mainsheet is an Affiliate Sailing School of the American Sailing Association offering
sailing lessons and sailing courses in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and New Bern, North Carolina.

Jordan Lake
Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill

Neuse River
New Bern, NC
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